Film & TV Makeup

In TV there are different aspects to it. When I’m working on BBC breakfast our mornings are jam packed with it being live TV, so we have to work to a very tight schedule making sure everyone is out on time ready to go on air, so working under pressure and to a strict schedule is something I’m used to. Other shows can be a little more relaxed but one thing that follows on all programs are “checks” I like to ensure all my artists are always looking the best they possibly can.

What customers say

“Claire Quick has been doing my makeup on Rip off Britain for three years now. And she really knows how to turn this duckling into a swan.
She is not only a highly skilled makeup artist but lovely company as well. Very important when the client is bleary and befuddled first thing in the morning.
Claire works quickly and is very attuned to what’s wanted.
I am so glad that she does my makeup and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Julia Somerville