Professional makeup trends for 2018

Forget all that contouring for 2018, it’s all about the fresh faced look. Keep it dewy with a sheer foundation to give yourself a truly honest glowing skin. Foundations you could try to achieve this look are Mac face and body which sits beautifully on the skin or Armani luminous silk.

This foundation you can build up, so if you wanted a little more coverage whilst still keeping the dewy look, then this is your foundation! This is the foundation I use on all my brides and it’s just perfect. It will last you all day with the correct primer underneath. My favourite is smash box photo finish.

It gives a gorgeous smooth look to the skin and will help keep your make-up on all day! You may want a little powered just for that T-zone if you tend to get slightly oily skin so don’t forget to pack that but just a touch, you want to keep it fresh looking.

To help you look super fresh you could Add some subtle highlighter to those cheek bones and a flush of colour on those cheeks and you’ll be all set. Try Hourglass ambient highlight. 3 choices of colour in this pallet so will suit many different skin tones. You could try a cream blush, this is gorgeous for giving off that glowing look.

For those brows you want to keep them nice and tame, you could add a touch of highlighter on the brow bone to set them off but keep it subtle. One way for the perfect brow is microblading! This is something I’ve just had done and as a make up artist I’m very particular about my brows and worried they could go wrong. But do your research and find your perfect brow beautician and it’s well worth it! You’ll have the perfect brow that every one is after!