Beth Tweddle, Matthew Kelly, Dic And Dom

Claire Quick is a professional and experienced Make up Artist in Manchester and surrounding areas who is highly qualified to make many different occasions matter to you. Claire has dealt with well-known clients such as Beth Tweddle, Matthew Kelly, Dic And Dom and these are just to name a few, she has also been involved in show Make Up with the television shows Surprise Surprise, Breakfast TV, Sky football and Blue Peter and many more. She has assisted in stories which have gone international and made a big impact on the viewers, so on TV shows like BBC which are known worldwide. Claire is in an enthusiastic and confident individual who takes a very professional approach to her work abilities providing her with the good initiative and excellence with what she does.

Her work is featured in many different productions ranging from TV shows and programmes to theatre, films and fashion giving her more experience with different tasks she is then given with an alternative background each time and is forced to work with a different approach were she then demonstrates her years of training showing her expertise and professionalism.

Make up artist in ManchesterMake up artist in ManchesterMake up artist in Manchester

Claire Quick, Make up artist in Manchester, has had a range of reviews from Celebrities praising her in how brilliant her work capability is, and how each result turns out to be visually effective with her skills and techniques combined. She has an outgoing and friendly personality which helps her along her way with the industry as she is easy to get along with and makes you feel at ease and relaxed in a way that you are able to be interact in a joyful manner. The environment is very pleasant to be in as she is optimistic, great company and a joy to be around creating an energetic and lively atmosphere.

Her artistic spark and creations doesn’t go unnoticed and is highly appreciated by all customers she takes on board. Being a professional Make up Artist in Manchester she takes into consideration handling with many different clients and seeing to your occasion and fits the look you desire to suit you and your style, making you feel good and giving you the confidence you need to make your day memorable and special. Claire manages to capture the unforgettable experiences in your life but adds an edge to her work by showing her expertise and working around what you would benefit from. Believing in perfection you will find she will work at her best to make you feel the best you can, giving you a confidence boost and making you feel really great about yourself which is important in memorable days that you don’t want to forget.

Claire Quick, Make up artist in Manchester and the North West areas finds a variety of ways to please you with experimenting in a range of looks to fit you and works around the schedule that you would benefit from. She takes notes of all the little matters that you would like or things that she thinks you will benefit from all to intertwine making your occasions memorable and special.